The beauty industry is rapidly evolving, and in order to offer you the best at "Mask" beauty and laser cosmetology center we are constantly looking for and mastering new technologies to achieve the perfect image. 

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Mask beauty and laser cosmetology center is a company which provides aesthetic and medical services in Desniansky district of Kiev, in Troyeshchina district. We have such procedures as: services of hairdresser and make-up artist, services of nail service, aesthetic and therapeutic procedures in the cosmetology room. We have intentionally gathered such a great number of various services in order to provide our clients with a complex approach to the solution of their needs. We offer a quality alternative to other enterprises of the health and beauty industry on such criteria as: the number of procedures, price/quality ratio of procedures. 

Hardware and laser cosmetology equipment presented by us allows to get pre-planned aesthetic and medical results.

Duetto Laser System (Quanta Systems, Italy)

It is the first device to combine two independent laser generators: an Alexandrite laser with a wavelength of 755 nm. (Alexandrite) and neodymium laser on yttrium-aluminum garnet with a wavelength of 1064 nm. (YAG:Nd).

The peculiarity of the laser system is its ability to generate laser pulses both sequentially and in parallel, and feed them into a single manipulator - "MixT" technology.

Among the procedures that can be performed on this device:

  • laser hair removal (any type of hair, any color, on any type of skin),
  • Laser non-ablative skin rejuvenation (without any visible external damage),
  • laser removal of age spots,
  • onychomycosis laser therapy (removal of fungus that affects the nail plate),
  • laser treatment of acne,
  • Laser removal of papillomas and warts.

LPG Cellu M6 Endermolab (France)

Apparatus for vacuum-roller massage from the company LPG Systems, which is a pioneer in the industry. LPG-massage is a proven method of cellulite treatment and figure correction, which is recognized worldwide as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

Among the procedures that are performed on this machine on the body are.

  • LPG lipomassage (reduction of subcutaneous fat and deep fat deposits, thighs and buttocks volume reduction, cellulite treatment, restoration of skin turgor, reduction of "fat trap" zones volume).
  • LPG-ergodrive (cellulite treatment and skin firming).
  • LPG drainage (stimulation of drainage and treatment of edematous cellulite, restoration of contours).
  • LPG endermodrainage "Light legs" (strengthening of microcirculation and venous outflow).

Among the procedures that are carried out on this apparatus for the face.

  • Express procedures for men and women (removal of edema, recovery from the effects of stress, smoking).
  • Endermolift "Eye Contour" (correction of wrinkles, reduction of puffiness and dark circles in the para-orbital area).
  • LPG Endermolift for the whole face (facial contour restoration, wrinkles correction, reduction of unwanted volume, "cellular restoration").

In our work, we use not only the latest equipment and proven hardware methods. Comfort and satisfaction of our clients, correspondence and justification of price expectations are of great importance for us. For these purposes we use a client relationship management system, thanks to which we can offer individual service conditions and an increased level of service.

A special word about our specialists. They are masters of their craft, who do their best to detect and satisfy client's needs, surround him with attention and create comfort zone.

You can contact the manager of the Beauty and Laser Cosmetology Center "Mask" through the receptionist on duty. We are always open for questions and requests.